Circles for Reconciliation


      • Adresse
        1011-905 Shaftesbury Blvd
        Winnipeg, MB, R3P 0Y3
      • Téléphone: 2044870512
      • Courriel général:
      • Project Coordinator : Raymond F. Currie,
      • Organisation caritative: No

Détails de l'organisation

      • Type d'Organisation: Race/Interraciales
      • Focus des activités
        We are a full and equal, grassroots, non-profit, incorporated partnership between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people with the sole purpose of promoting reconciliation. We do this primarily through the creation of Circles composed of 5 Indigenous and 5 non-Indigenous persons with two trained facilitators (one Indigenous).Each Circle meets once a week for ten weeks "to create mutually respectful relationships" which the TRC Commissioners define as reconciliation. We also host workshops and presentations.
      • Mandat / description de l'organisation
        To be a working partnership in every dimension (Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, staff, circle participants and facilitators) which educates the minds and hearts of Canadians on reconciliation.
      • Capacité d'organisation
      • Mandat géographique