Learning about Racism


The CRRF will develop an exclusive on-line program that will bring together a “faculty” of subject matter experts to create a curriculum and a set of reading materials. Learners, drawn from multiple sectors, will read provided material and participate in courses led by faculty members who are experts in the topic of discussion. 

Upcoming Courses

1. Systemic Racism | In partnership with Carl James
2. Intercultural Dialogue | In partnership with Akanksha Thakur
3. Indigenous Issues | In partnership with Scott Robertson

Completed Courses

1. Implicit Bias | In partnership with Hooley McLaughlin

This course examines how new insights in the fields of psychology and neuroscience help to show how the brain develops bias, and how understanding unconscious bias is important for anti-racism work.

2. Interfaith and Multi-faith | In partnership with Shari Golberg

This course will provide an understanding of the relationship between religion and multiculturalism; a basic understanding of the major faith traditions in Canada; and some practical tips for managing and discussing interfaith issues in the workplace, schools, and other shared community spaces. This series begins with an introduction to the major concepts of pluralism, multicultural, and religion, moves into the tenets, beliefs, practices, and peoples' lived experiences of major faith traditions practiced in Canada today, and finally explores how to manage conflict that may arise from religious traditions in the workplace, in schools, and communities.

Interested in taking our course?

Please email us with your 1) Full Name  2) Preferred Email and  3) Professional Background to enrol in the course. 

Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants that have completed all five courses. Please email us for more information and or to request a certificate.

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