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Valerie Alia

Valerie Alia is an award-winning journalist, academic, author, and photographer. She is known internationally for defining the discipline of political onomastics the politics of naming and for her work on media ethics, Indigenous Arctic cultures, identities, and communications.

Publications du même auteur

Names, Numbers, and Northern Policy - Inuit, Project Surname, and the Politics of Identity

Noms, numéros et politique du Nord - Inuit, nom de projet et politique d'identité

N° catalogue: BKS.Al418.1994
Année: 1994
Vues: 2147
Étiquettes: Inuit   Canada  
Date de publication: mardi 2 January 2018

Un/Covering the North

News, Media, and Aboriginal People | Nouvelles, médias et peuples autochtones

N° catalogue: BKS.Al418.1999
Année: 1999
Vues: 2011
Date de publication: jeudi 21 December 2017