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Canadian Polar Commission

Established in 1991, the Canadian Polar Commission is Canada’s primary polar knowledge agency and has responsibility for:

• Monitoring polar knowledge in Canada and around the world;
• Working with Canadian and international institutions to determine scientific and other priorities;
• Encouraging support for Canadian polar research;
• Communicating polar research information to Canadians; and,
• Fostering international cooperation in the advancement of polar knowledge.

In carrying out its mandate the Commission builds and maintains polar knowledge networks, hosts conferences and workshops, publishes information regarding the polar- regions, and works closely with other governmental and non-governmental partners to promote and support Canadian polar knowledge. The Commission serves as Canada’s primary point of contact with the circumpolar knowledge community, and is Canada’s adhering body to the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) and the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR). In addition, the Commission maintains liaison with research organizations and institutes throughout the circumpolar world, providing guidance into bi-lateral and multi-lateral scientific projects relevant to Canadian interests.

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