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Carol Tator

Carol Tator has worked on the frontlines of the anti-racism and equity movement for over thirty five years. She joined the Urban Alliance on Race Relations in the late seventies, serving as president and acting executive director for several years. As a private consultant she has assisted all three levels of government, universities and colleges, all of the former boards of education in Metro Toronto, human service organizations, and various other public sector agencies. She has worked in the areas of the development and implementation of anti-racism policies and programmes, strategic planning, training and research. As an anti-racism and equity trainer, she has assisted staff and management within public sector agencies and institutions acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for ensuring accessible and equitable services in a culturally pluralistic and multiracial society. As a course director at York University, teaching intercultural, anti-racism and equity training skills in the Department of Anthropology, she has provided fourth year students with a body of knowledge and training tools and techniques that are designed to help them become effective change agents in their work as educators, social workers, lawyers, journalists, anthropologists and in many other fields.

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Année: 1995
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