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Roy Ito

Roy Ryoichi Ito was born in British Columbia. During the internment period he was relocated with his family initially to work on a sugar beet farm in Alberta, then to Kaslo, B.C., where he worked on The New Canadian newspaper, then to Hamilton, Ontario, where he began studies at McMaster University in 1943. He was recruited to join the army, and served as a sergeant with the Canadian Intelligence Corps in India and South-East Asia. After the Second World War,Ito completed his university degree and became a teacher, was employed for twenty-five years as a school principal, and retired in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1984. He wrote several social science books for use in schools and two histories of Japanese Canadians, Stories of My People, and We Went to War.

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We Went To War

The Story of the Japanese Canadians Who Served During the First and Second World Wars | L'histoire des Canadiens d'origine japonaise qui ont servi durant les Première et Seconde Guerres mondiales

par Roy Ito
N° catalogue: BKS.It6.1992
Année: 1992
Vues: 1929
Étiquettes: Canada  
Date de publication: jeudi 11 August 2016