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Muriel Kitagawa

Tsukiye Muriel Kitagawa was born in Vancouver in 1912. As a Nisei (second generation Japanese Canadian) she was one of 21, 000 people of Japanese ancestry who were interned or forced by the federal government to give up their possessions and leave the west coast of B.C. in 1942. In 1932 Muriel was senior editor for The New Age, the first newspaper to express the Nisei perspective and provide an outlet for that generation’s expressive thought and literary writing. She also married that year. In 1938 she began writing for The New Canadian, where she was a regular contributor under several pen names. With four young children, including twins born right in the middle of the uprooting of the entire B.C. Japanese Canadian community, Muriel and her family moved to Toronto to join her brother Wesley Fujiwara who was attending university there in June of 1942.

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Letters to Wes and Other Writings on Japanese Canadians, 1941–1948 | Lettres à Wes et autres écrits sur les Canadiens japonais, 1941-1948

N° catalogue: BKS.K646.1985
Année: 1985
Vues: 2902
Étiquettes: World War II   Canada  
Date de publication: mercredi 10 August 2016