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Cross Cultural Communication Centre

The Cross Cultural Communication Centre is a community education and resource centre which develops programs and materials on the issues of racism, immigration and immigrant settlement. These programs are developed with/for immigrant service organizations, schools, unions and a variety of community based groups. The centre also houses a library of print and audio visual materials.

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By and About Immigrant Women

Par et à propos des femmes immigrantes

N° catalogue: RPT.C8841.1979
Année: 1979
Vues: 2661
Date de publication: lundi 7 May 2018

Employment Equity

How We Can Use It To Fight Workplace Racism | Comment nous pouvons l'utiliser pour lutter contre le racisme au travail

N° catalogue: RPT.Al521.1988
Année: 1988
Vues: 2125
Date de publication: vendredi 6 April 2018