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Feng Hou

Feng Hou currently works at the Social Analysis and Modelling Division, Statistics Canada. His research focuses on the socioeconomic integration of immigrants and the second generation, dynamics of social diversity, subjective well-being, and community contextual effects.

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Canadian Diversity / Diversité Canadienne

Immigration and Economic Prosperity in Smaller Regions / Immigration et prospérité économique dans les petites régions

N° catalogue: MAG.C16065.2019
Vues: 2958
Étiquettes: Canada   Diversity  
Date de publication: lundi 25 March 2019

Canadian Issues/Thèmes canadiens

Immigration and the Intersections of Diversity / L'immigration et les intersections de la diversité

N° catalogue: MAG.Si159.SPG2005
Année: 2005
Vues: 3171
Date de publication: lundi 25 June 2018

Growing up Canadian

A Study of New Immigrant Children | Une étude sur les nouveaux enfants immigrants

N° catalogue: RPT.B3971.1998
Année: 1998
Vues: 2501
Étiquettes: Health Care   Health  
Date de publication: jeudi 15 March 2018