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Masako Fukawa

Masako Fukawa is a third generation Japanese Canadian living in Burnaby, BC. She has a lifelong commitment to education as a teacher/administrator and in retirement as a writer concentrating on Japanese Canadian history. Her writings include resources for teachers and students. Examples of lesson plans from “Internment and Redress” are accessible on Discover Nikkei. Her works on the fishing industry in British Columbia were recognized by the BC historical society and ‘Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet” co-authored with husband Stan, was also awarded the Canada-Japan Literary Award by the Canada Council. Her book for young readers, “Righting Canada’s Wrongs: Japanese Canadian internment” was co-authored with Pam Hickman. In 2013 she was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for her contributions in education.

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Righting Canada's Wrongs

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