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Lubomyr Luciuk

Lubomyr Yaroslav Luciuk is a Canadian academic and author of books and articles in the field of political geography and Ukrainian history. He is currently a full professor at the Royal Military College of Canada.

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In Fear of the Barbed Wire Fence

Canada's First National Internment Operations and the Ukrainian Canadians, 1914-1920 | Premières opérations d'internement nationales du Canada et les Canadiens d'origine ukrainienne, 1914-1920

N° catalogue: BKS.L9637.2001
Année: 2001
Vues: 1929
Étiquettes: World War I   Ukraine  
Date de publication: vendredi 8 December 2017

Roll Call

Lest We Forget | Ne l'oublions pas

N° catalogue: SP.L9637.1999
Année: 1999
Vues: 1715
Étiquettes: World War II  
Date de publication: jeudi 17 May 2018