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Darlyn Mentor

Darlyn Mentor spent several years working at the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and as a Program Manager at the Ontario Trillium Foundation. She has extensive experience as a funder, community developer and in program management. Darlyn began working at Citizenship and Immigration Canada as a Regional Program Advisor, leading the Francophone Minority Community Initiative at a regional level. She is currently the Director, Settlement Programs, CIC Ontario Region.

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Critical Readings/ Lectures critiques

An Annotated Bibliography on Anti-Racism Education/ Bibliographie annotée sur la lutte contre le racisme en miliey scolaire

N° catalogue: CRRF.M5291.2002
Année: 2002
Vues: 1088
Étiquettes: Aboriginal  
Date de publication: lundi 11 June 2018

Critical Readings/Lectures Critiques

Racism in Canada/Le racisme au Canada

N° catalogue: CRRF.M5291.1999
Année: 1999
Vues: 1146
Date de publication: mardi 12 June 2018

CRRF Facst About / Portraits de la FCRR

Racism in Policing / Le racisme et les services policiers

N° catalogue: CRRF.J1501.2001
Année: 2001
Vues: 1028
Date de publication: lundi 18 June 2018

CRRF Facts About / Portraits de la FCRR

Racism in Our School / Le Racisme Dans Nos Écoles

N° catalogue: CRRF.M5291.2000
Année: 2004
Vues: 919
Étiquettes: Aboriginal   World War II  
Date de publication: lundi 16 July 2018

CRRF Facts About...

Racism in Our Schools / Le racisme dans nos écoles

N° catalogue: CRRF.C161081.FA2000
Année: 2000
Vues: 4328
Date de publication: mardi 2 August 2016