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Jayashree Thatte Bhat

Jayashree Thatte Bhat is active in Canada, India and the USA as a social worker, speaker, writer, teacher and musical performer; holds a Master's degree in Chemistry from York University of Toronto, Ontario, and Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Classical Music from India. She has more than 35 years of experience in medical research, and public and private sectors involving both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Jayashree is one of the founding members of Mugdha, an organization dedicated to creating awareness of breast cancer in rural India, and has worked for eleven years to help women and their families learn about and deal with the disease. In Calgary, Alberta, she was also the Founder and Director of the Performing Arts section of SILPA (School of Indian Languages and Performing Arts), where seven regional languages and performing arts of India are taught to Canadians of all ages.

She taught English to new Canadians for four years at Immigrant Services Calgary, and is currently serving on the Board as a Director.

Designated as a visiting Professor of Indian musicology in many Canadian, Indian and American universities, Ms. Jayashree Thatte Bhat has conducted more than 300 music workshops in post-secondary schools and universities. She worked as the Area Chief Editor in the creation of an encyclopedia of Indian music and musicians for CUNY (City University of New York), USA.

She is the author of four books in Marathi, a language spoken by about 150 million people in the world, and was honoured as "the First Woman Writer of Scientific Literature" for her work. She has also authored two books in English, one titled "Journey through Breast Cancer" and another titled "Music of India". In addition to the books above, she has published many scholastic articles in India, Canada and the USA, in medical and social journals.

Dr. Jayashree Thatte Bhat is a regular speaker for International Women's Forum in Canada, India and the USA; has received the Centennial Gold Medal of the Government of Alberta, and the prestigious Chaturastra Chatur Award of the State of Maharashtra, India, for her cross-cultural work.

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