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Michael Bopp

Michael is a co-founder of Four Worlds International and is currently a Director of the Four Worlds Centre for Development Learning, which is dedicated to building the capacity of communities and professional organizations for sustainable participatory development.

Michael is a specialist in participatory change and development processes with twenty years experience working with Indigenous communities and development organizations, and has worked in Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, Africa, the former Soviet Union, Latin America, the Caribbean and Indigenous North America.

Michael has also designed and developed a fully accredited masters degree program in applied human and community development through a joint venture between Four Worlds and the Alliant International University, based in California, as well as many other accredited and non-formal learning programs, including accredited and non-formal training delivered at the community level in many cultures and countries.

Michael has also served as principal or co-researcher on many national and international research studies, has served as Professional Head of a research department at a national research institute and has acted as a methodological coach and evaluator to many international development related research projects.

Michael has led many program, planning and design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation projects. He has also published extensively and led thousands of hours of training on topics related to human systems transformation, community health, research methodology and learning for social change.

Michael has a Ph.D. in development education and a masters degree is in community development.

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