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Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Now Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development Canada. Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) supports Aboriginal peoples (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) and Northerners in their efforts to improve social well-being and economic prosperity; develop healthier, more sustainable communities and participate more fully in Canada's political, social and economic development – to the benefit of all Canadians.

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Aboriginal Languages in Canada

1996 | Langues autochtones au Canada 1996

N° catalogue: REF.In249.1996
Année: 1996
Vues: 3551
Étiquettes: Canada   Aboriginal  
Date de publication: jeudi 23 March 2017

Aboriginal Youth in Canada

Emerging Issues, Research Priorities, and Policy Implications | Nouveaux enjeux, priorités de recherche et implications pour les politiques

N° catalogue: RPT.K913.2009
Année: 2009
Vues: 4633
Étiquettes: Aboriginal  
Date de publication: jeudi 6 April 2017

Agreement concerning a new relationship between the Government of Canada and the Cree of Eeyou Istchee

Accord concernant une nouvelle relation entre le gouvernement du Canada et les Cris d'Eeyou Istchee

N° catalogue: REF.in249.2008
Année: 2008
Vues: 4750
Étiquettes: Canada   Aboriginal  
Date de publication: mercredi 10 May 2017

Basic Departmental Data

Données ministérielles de base

N° catalogue: RPT.In249.2001
Année: 2001
Vues: 2393
Étiquettes: Employment  
Date de publication: vendredi 1 June 2018

Creating Opportunity

Progress on Commitments to Aboriginal Peoples / Progrès dans les engagements envers les peuples autochtones

N° catalogue: RPT.In242.1995
Année: 1995
Vues: 2026
Étiquettes: Nunavut   Aboriginal  
Date de publication: jeudi 31 May 2018