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Frances Henry

Frances Henry is one of Canada's leading experts in the study of racism and anti-racism. Since the mid seventies when she published the first study of attitudes towards people of colour, she has consistently pioneered research in this field. Her books include co-authoring the fourth edition of The Colour of Democracy: Racism in Canadian Society. Thomson, Nelson, 2009 that is widely used in universities as a text. This work demonstrates how the 'new racism' here identified with the concept of 'democratic racism' manifests within Canadian institutions. Another recent co-authored book is Racism in the Canadian University, U. of T Press, 2009. Other co-authored books include: Racial Profiling: Challenging the Myth of a Few Bad Apples, U. of T. press, 2006; and Discourses of Domination: Racist in Canada's English Language Press using critical discourse analysis was published in 2002. An earlier book, Challenging Racism in the Arts, University of Toronto Press, was published in 1998.

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