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New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council (NBAPC)

Via the NBAPC website: 

"The New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council ("NBAPC"), but was once called the New Brunswick Association of Metis and Non-Status Indians. We, at the Council are an Off-Reserve Aboriginal voice for approximately 28,260 Status and Non-Status Aboriginal People who reside in the Province of New Brunswick.

In New Brunswick, our members are widely dispersed throughout the Province in villages, towns, cities, and rural areas. They are people of Aboriginal Ancestry for whom the N.B.A.P.C. provides services, programs, and a political voice for their concerns."

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New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council (NBAPC) Report to the UN Special Rapporteur

N° catalogue: RPT.N42014.2003
Année: 2003
Vues: 1579
Étiquettes: Aboriginal  
Date de publication: vendredi 23 March 2018