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The National Association of Japanese Canadians

Established in 1947, the NAJC is the only national organization in Canada that represents the Japanese Canadian (JC) community. Under the umbrella of the national body, we have member organizations across Canada. The NAJC negotiated the historic Redress Settlement on behalf of all JCs who suffered injustices and acts of discrimination during World War II. Many Canadians of Japanese descent were interned and deported, while others were sent to the sugar beet farms of Alberta and Manitoba. The property of JCs were seized by the Government and sold without consent.Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and NAJC President Art Miki, ending a successful campaign that upheld the principles of democracy, justice and human rights, signed the historic Redress agreement on September 22, 1988.

Although the NAJC's primary focus continues to be Human rights and Community Development, they believe that a strong volunteer base, financial sustainability and youth engagement is also critical to the well being of the JC community.


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