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Editor: Ather Akbari
Location: CRRF
N° catalog: MAG.C16065.2019
Note: A publication of the Association for Canadian Studies

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Table of Contents: 

3 - INTRODUCTION: Doing Immigration Differently in Secondary Centres - Ather Akabari & Howard Ramos

5 - INTRODUCTION: Accueillir l'immigration autrement dans les centres secondaires - Ather Akbari et Howard Ramos

8 - The Contribution of Immigration to Population Changes in the Atlantic Provinces - Barry Edmonston

12 - The Growing Recognition of Newcomer Recruitment and Retention in Canada as a Local Imperative - Michael Haan

16 - Settlement and Retention of Immigratns in Non-gateway Cities: Trends since the 2000s

21 - Migrating to and from Atlantic Canada: The Role of Middle Eastern Transnational Families and Ethnic Networks - Evangelia (Evie) Tastsoglou & Serperi Sevgur

24 - Refugee Retention in Newfoundland and Labrador - Tony FAng, Kerri Claire neil & Halina Sapeha

28 - New Administrative Data for Research on Immigratns to Canada

32 - Big Enough / Small Enough - Nabiha Atallah

35 - Linking Housing with Wrap Around Supports for Newcomer Families in Winnipeg - Jill Bucklaschuk

38 - Les étudiants internationaux francophones de l'Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick face à l'incomplétude institutionnelle de leur communauté d'accueil - Leyla Sall

41 - Faire sa place dans la mort: L'enjeu des cimetières musulmans dans des petites villes du Canada - Chedly Belkhodja

44 - Hockey and Immigration / Ethnic Integration - Lloyd Wong & Howard Ramos

47 - Saisir le rapport à la diversité dans la vie quotidienne, dans les espaces publics - Annick Germain

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