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Category: Magazines | Les magazines
Editor: Robert Israel and Mathias Oliva
Pages: 48
Location: CRRF
Year: 2003
N° catalog: MAG.Is72.NOV2002
Note: Published by the Association for Canadian Studies / Publié par l'Association d'études canadiennes

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This issue with article in French and English include the following topics: la démocratie et les possibilités d’amendement: constitutionnel au Canada, de nos jours; est-ce le moment de reformer notre mode de scrutin?; Party democracy ten years after Charlottetown; Ten years after Charlottetown: is Canada at the crossroads?; constitution et démocratie au Canada depuis Charlottetown; Reinvigorating democracy: Dealing with September 11th through modern town hall meetings; Referendums: reflections on the Canadian experience since Charlottetown; Demography in action: the impact of future population changes on Canadian parliamentary institutions; USA and Canada: the political geography of national division in North America and Electoral reform in the United Kingdom. 

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