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  • GBA+ is an intersectional analytical process for examining how various intersecting identity factors impact the effectiveness of government initiatives. It involves examining disaggregated data and research, and considering social, economic, and cultural conditions and norms
  • Using GBA+ means taking a gender- and diversity-sensitive approach to your work. Considering all intersecting identity factors as part of GBA+ – not only sex and gender – is a Government of Canada commitment
  • GBA+ is an internationally recognized methodology that provides a rigorous method for the systematic assessment of inequalities and a means to anticipate potential impacts of initiatives on diverse groups of Canadians
  • Ideally it is applied at the very beginning of the process as issues are identified but can be applied at all stages and is relevant in every organization’s work.

This analysis covers the following 10 questions:

1.Who is impacted by COVID-19 and, therefore, who should be targeted by policy responses?

2.How do biological, social, economic and cultural factors shape people’s experiences of COVID-19 (e.g., sex, gender, age, race, ethnicity, Indigeneity, ability, rurality, socioeconomic status, values, attitudes, perceptions, behaviours)?

3.What are the impacts of COVID-19 (e.g., economic, social, physical, psychological) for diverse groups of people?

4.Which areas of the country are most impacted? (e.g., regional and rural lens)

5.Which institutions, sectors and essential services are involved in the response?

6.What barriers do diverse groups of people experience in accessing these institutions, sectors, and essential services and why?

7.What needs to change in order to reduce inequalities in the experiences and impacts of this issue?

8.How will various groups of people be impacted by our policy decisions?

9.What can we do to mitigate barriers and negative impacts, and facilitate equitable access?

10. How will we monitor the impacts of our initiatives on diverse groups

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