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Category: Reports
Pages: 2
Location: CRRF & Online
Year: 1992
N° catalog: RPT.Y59.1992
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2 page report on the 1992 protests against the CTV television program 'W5,' after its distinctly racist reporting about Chinese-Canadian students in Canadian Universities.

"At a March 25th conference in Ottawa, there was a panel discussion on “Media and Immigration”which used 'Campus Giveaway' as a case study to show how the media can be made to be accountable. For anyone with knowledge about the origins of the Chinese Canadian National Council,the infamous 'Campus Giveaway' incident brings back mixed emotions. There are intense feelings of anger, mixed with a strong sense of pride. It was likely the most blatant illustration of anti-Chinese racism ever shown on Canadian prime-time television and also the finest example of what effective and sustained activism within the Chinese Canadian community can accomplish"

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