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Category: Reports | Rapports
Pages: 88
Location: CRRF
Year: 2002
N° catalog: RPT.L556.2002
Note: Published by Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse

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This report, put out in 2002, is intended for Secondary School teachers, and aims to correct misunderstandings regarding Aboriginal Peoples in Quebec. It pays attention to a forgotten period of history and to popular beliefs in our society today. It begins by looking at the historical relations between Aboriginals and European settlers, including an examination of the Royal Proclamation of 7 October 1763.

The report also emphasizes the assimilation of Aboriginals in Quebec. After discussing many aspects of Aboriginal history in Quebec, the report shifts towards addressing the living conditions and quality of life of Aboriginals living on reserves in Quebec today. As well, it investigates territorial treaties and land titles in order to help the reader understand modern day land claims. As the resource is intended for high school teachers, it is hoped that this important history will be shared with students in Quebec.

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