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Category: Non-Fiction
Pages: 276
ISBN: 1550021036
Location: CRRF
Year: 1991
N° catalog: BKS.M473.1991
Note: Published by Dundurn Press

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This book consists of three approaches to the study of ethno-cultural groups and visible minorities in Canada's electoral system. The main goal of this study is to determine to what extent these groups are represented in the political system in order to ascertain what obstacles they face. Each approach has as its goal the maximization of participation and representation of these groups in the electoral process.

The first approach deals with the representation of these groups in political parties, and finds that groups are under-represented as a result of systemic obstacles. The second approach looks at the representation of these groups in the House of Commons, and finds that visible minorities are both under-represented and less likely to be successful candidates. The final approach considers the opinions of the leaders of six main ethno-cultural groups, and determines that these groups feel that there interests are not being represented.

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