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Category: Non-Fiction | Non Fiction
Editor: Franca Iacovetta, Paula Draper, and Robert Ventresca
Pages: 513
ISBN: 0802074820
Location: CRRF
Year: 1998
N° catalog: BKS.Ia1.1998
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Note: Published by University of Toronto Press

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This book, through contributions by 20 authors, presents an overview of issues effecting newcomers to Canada, throughout history. The three over-arching themes of women, workers and communities, each contain a social history of these particular immigrants. In addressing this social history, the authors present both pre-immigration traditions, as well as Canadian experiences, specifically in relation to work, family, culture and politics. The eight main sub-categories which are explored in detail, from the period of the nineteenth century to the present time are: 1) Irish Canadians; 2) 'Black' Canadians; 3) Ukrainian Canadians; 4) Women workers; 5) Bachelor Workers; 6)Labour activists; 7) State Actions; 8) Regulating minorities in war time.

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