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Category: Non-Fiction
ISBN: 0802068812
Location: CRRF
Year: 1994
N° catalog: BKS.B7767.1994
Note: Published by the University of Toronto Press

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This is a collection of six essays on African Canadian women. The focus of the essays is primarily historical. The collective of authors who originate in North America and the Caribbean collaborate their knowledge and experiences of racism in Canada to portray the true history of African-Canadian people and especially African-Canadian women. They express that this history is not acknowledged as playing a role in the building of Canada as a nation. Important African-Canadian female historical figures are chronicled and illustrations are provided. The denial of African-Canadian history also means the denial of a history of racism in Canadian, the denial of African-Canadian contribution to society and the denial of African-Canadians as a part of the society. The six authors note the absence of this information in school curricula and the ignorance it perpetuates.

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