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The Far Rightwing Movement in Southwest Ontario

Author Matthew A. Lauder
Title The Far Rightwing Movement in Southwest Ontario
Year 2002
Subtitle An Exploration of Issues, Themes, and Variations
Publisher The Guelph and District Multicultural Centre
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Guelph, Ontario
Publication Type Report
Location CRRF
Pages 110
CRRF Identifier RA-CR-DR-BR-4613
Last modified 2016-05-19
English Abstract

Taken from the Director's Acknowledgements :

"Athough focusing on the far rightwing movement in Southwest Ontario, this report reflects more than two years of research conducted across Canada and the United States by Centre staff and an informal network of volunteers, students, area specialists, and anti-racist activists. To this end, a range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, (such as participant observation, formal and informal interviews, surveys and questionnaires, document and discourse analysis of the far rightwing movement in the Southwest Ontario area and to critically examine the nature of involvement in organised racism (in particular by young people) and the impact of racism on society as a whole. This report is a collection of articles, some of which have previously been published in order to gain feedback, examining a range of interrelated topics. Consequently, previously published articles may have been altered or revised to reflect new information. "