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Integrating Into Canada is Just a Click Away

Author Imran Arshad, Nicola Gaye
Title Integrating Into Canada is Just a Click Away
Year 2012
Publisher Policy Horizons Canada
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Ottawa, Ontario
Publication Type Report
Location Online
Pages 2
CRRF Identifier IS-IB-BR-OR-4600
Last modified 2016-05-19
English Abstract

Policy Horizons Canada is involved in conducting foresight in a variety of different fields. In 2011, Horizons conducted a foresight study on social media, which explored how this collaborative technology is fundamentally changing how we create policy and deliver programs. Results of the study were shared at the 14th National Metropolis Conference in Toronto and Horizons facilitated a session with some participants to explore how the immigrant integration experience may change with advances in technology between now and 2025. In the following scenario, an online discussion between the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC) and Mrs. Hakim from Kyrgyzstan, offers some insight into how that experience may change as social media becomes part of the process.