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Year: 2002
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"The Canadian Constitution including its Charter of Rights and Freedoms, provides for strong protections of equality rights and language rights. However, rights in law books do not automatically lead to rights in reality.  Individuals or groups can find themselves in situations where governments refuse to respect their constitutional rights. In those situations people may have to take their governments to court. Courts have the power to force the government to bring its laws, policies and practices into accord with the Charter. But court action is expensive, often far too costly for those very individuals or groups whose rights are not being respected.

The role of the court challenges program is to provide financial support to people who want to use the courts to have those rights respected, but lack the funds to do so on their own. More specifically, it provides financial support to test cases that help to protect and advance the language and equality rights guaranteed under the Canadian Constitution."


This 2008 Hate Crime Survey examines six facets of violent hate crime in the 56 European and North American countries that comprise the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE): Violence Based on Racism and Xenophobia, Antisemitic Violence, Violence Against Muslims, Violence Based on Religious Intolerance, Violence Against Roma, and Violence Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Bias.

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