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Category: Non-Fiction
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9781565844297
Location: CRRF
Year: 1999
N° catalog: BKS.M442.1999

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The use of incarceration in the United States has increased five-fold since 1973. Twenty-nine percent of black males born today can expect to be imprisoned in their lifetime.

Race to Incarcerate tells the chilling story of this unprecedented explosion in the prision population, demonstrating how the dramatic expansion of prisons and jails has failed to have any sunstantial impact on crime. Marc Mauer, assistant director of The Sentencing Project, a national organization that monitors criminal justice policies, critiques a "war on drugs" that has, for nearly two decades, emphasized rigid control— police and prisons— over druge treatment and economic development. He documents the enormous financial and human toll of the "get tough" movement, which has contributed to the devastation of many African American communities.

Exploring the intersection of race and class that underpins current politics and crime policy, Race to Incarcerate traces the political history of these developments and shows how, ultimately, we still blame and punish the least forutnate for America's social problems.

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