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Letters to Marcia: A Teacher's Guide to Anti-Racist Education

Author Lee, Enid.
Title Letters to Marcia: A Teacher's Guide to Anti-Racist Education
Year 1985-00-00
ISBN ISSN 0-9691060-5-X.
Publisher Enid Lee
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Toronto.
Publication Type Book
Location CRRF
Pages 71
Subject Education; Curriculum Material; Racism & Anti-racism
CRRF Identifier Ed-CM-BR-147
Last modified 2016-05-06
English Abstract

The primary assumption of the author in writing about anti-racist education is that racism can be unlearned. In order to demonstrate the pervasiveness of racism the author presents an overview of how inequities based on race and sometimes on ethnicity, gender, and class can function in a school. By presenting specific situations of racism, and methods of handling each situation, Lee gives the reader tools to unlearn racism, and to help students unlearn their own biases. The specific areas which are addressed are 1) the relationship between the school and the community, 2) the curriculum and 3) student services.

Anti-racist education is just good education. (p.2)Anti-racist education will meet the needs of all students in Canada's schools, while preparing young people to help create an equitable society and a viable future. (Teresa Gonzales and Robert Moore, found in the Forward) Some activities in schools are designed to maintain order, but there are others with the distinct potential for changing the order and making it more equitable. (p.2)