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Quoted from message from Les Linklater, Assistant Deputy Minister's message

"The collection is a clear demonstration of the proactive approach taken by the various players from across the country to develop integrated services for Francophone clients. This comprehensive continuum of objectives, actions and results—from community promotion to immigrant recruitment, integration and retention—reflects the richness of these initiatives. Another feature of these practices is that the identification of the issues and the search for solutions was done in consultation with Francophone minority communities themselves.

This invaluable collaboration has formed the foundation of CIC’s approach since the development of the Strategic Framework to Foster Immigration to Francophone Minority Communities (2003). In addition, the inclusion of provincial and community practices demonstrates that leadership is thriving in all sectors and that creativity and local distinctiveness are supporting the quest for greater and more diverse Francophone immigration. Finally, sharing experiences as a way of addressing the challenges relating to Francophone immigration enables us to learn from these promising initiatives, to repeat them, to adapt them, and to build on them. I hope you enjoy reading the collection and that it will encourage many of you to follow through with your innovative ideas."

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