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Starting to Talk

Author The Sioux Lookout Community Coalition for Healing and Reconciliation
Title Starting to Talk
Year 2012
Subtitle A Guide for Communities on Healing and Reconciliation from the Legacy of Indian Residential Schools
Editor Jennifer Morrow
Place of Publication Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Publication Type Report
Location Online
Pages 28
CRRF Identifier AP-RS-BR-OR-4629
Last modified 2016-05-19
English Abstract

Taken from the Preface :

"There is in Canada a habit of bringing to the fore the words and deeds of public figures. Considered in this manner, the footworn paths of healing and reconciliation are less regarded than the mountain peaks from which the declarations of archbishops, prime ministers, and other such VIPs are issued. We do ourselves a useful service when we meditate upon the fact that there would have been no Government apology, no Truth and Reconciliation Commission, no Settlement Agreement, and no Aboriginal Healing Foundation had there not have taken place many thousands of undocumented conversations among survivors and church members and citizens, in kitchens and community halls and the basements of houses. For many years now, across Canada and across the world, the work of healing and reconciliation has been sustained by a mostly unacknowledged coalition of the willing. The citizens of that land, an open land without borders, are a motley bunch. In so many ways differing one from another, they share a desire to forge honest and respectful relationships on the foundation of ordinary human decency. In a country where for more than a century the cynical and chauvinistic work of aggressive assimilation was a state priority, ordinary human decency has extraordinary potential." (page 1)