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Aboriginal Involvement in Community Development

Author Jim Silver, with Joan Hay and Peter Gorzen
Title Aboriginal Involvement in Community Development
Year 2004
ISBN ISSN 0-88627-349-8
Subtitle The Case of Winnipeg’s Spence Neighbourhood
Publisher Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Winnipeg, Manitoba
Publication Type Report
Location Online
Pages 44
CRRF Identifier AP-Ge-BR-OR-4604
Last modified 2016-05-19
English Abstract

Taken from the Executive Summary:

“The two central questions that we have attempted to find answers to in this study are: first, whether, to what extent, and in what ways the rapidly growing numbers of Aboriginal people in Winnipeg’s inner-city Spence neighbourhood are participating in community development initiatives; and second, how Aboriginal people themselves define community development, what they would like to see happening to improve Spence neighbourhood, and what they believe they and other Aboriginal people in the neighbourhood might contribute to neighbourhood revitalization. To get answers to these questions we asked Aboriginal people themselves. We conducted in-depth, open-ended interviews with 24 Aboriginal residents of Spence neighbourhood. All interviews and focus groups with Aboriginal respondents were conducted by Aboriginal interviewers who themselves live and work in, and thus are intimately familiar with, Spence neighbourhood. Consistent with the methods of participatory research, we worked closely with the Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA), successfully seeking their permission to conduct the research and their advice about the project, and circulating a next-to-final draft of the paper to SNA staff and Board members for their comments, most of which were incorporated in the final draft.”