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Aboriginal Single Mothers in Canada, 1996

Author Jeremy Hull
Title Aboriginal Single Mothers in Canada, 1996
Year 2001
ISBN ISSN 0-662-30874-3
Subtitle A Statistical Profile
Publisher Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Ottawa, Ontario
Publication Type Report
Location Online
Pages 149
CRRF Identifier AP-Ge-BR-OR-4591
Last modified 2016-05-19
English Abstract

This study is a statistical description of Aboriginal single mothers based on 1996 Census data and is intended to illuminate the socio-economic situation of these women and their children. Comparisons of Aboriginal single mothers are made to other segments of the Aboriginal population (other mothers, other women, single fathers) and non-Aboriginal single mothers. The report examines the prevalence of single parents among various populations based on age, gender, place of residence and educational attainment. An examination of characteristics related to lone parenting includes labour market, occupations, average income, sources of income and education.