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Confronting systemic discrimination against Aboriginal peoples is this issue’s key theme. Systemic discrimination dominates political and policy making spheres, creating massive discriminations against Aboriginal persons, whether as groups or as individuals. Systemic discrimination operates through inaction, silence, neglect, and indifference to the aboriginal, human, and treaty rights, stifling the talents and opportunities of individuals while sustaining poverty and malaise and affecting diverse social, cultural, political, economic, spiritual, and physical outcomes among Aboriginal peoples. A second sub-theme emerging from this issue on systemic discrimination against Aboriginal peoples is constitutional reconciliation and remedies. Featured authors within this issue include Patricia Monture, Len Findlay, Kiera Ladner, Sakej Henderson, Clem Chartier, Sharon Venne, the Native Friendship Centre, Alex Wilson, and Deborah Lee provides an archival collection from the Library and Archives Canada to refute inferiority in a pictorial story.

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