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Category: Canadian Race Relations Foundation
Pages: 78
Location: CRRF
Year: 2003
N° catalog: CRRF.B17.2003
Note: Published by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation

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Extensive previous research has made it clear that across Canada the relationship between employment equity and the broader human rights environment has received limited attention, particularly from employment equity advocates. In selecting these two case studies,"Ontario: Lessons of the Rise and Fall of Employment Equity Legislation from the Perspective of Rights Advocacy" and "Nunavut: Lessons of an Equity Conversation for Anti-Racist Activists,"  the authors had the opportunity to explore very distinct elements of the interface between employment equity and human rights, each rooted in their specific regional political culture though operating in the wider context of the Canadian federal state.

The authors' primary analytical objective in these studies is to attempt to trace the assumptions rooted in specific regional political cultures that underpin current policies and policy debates, and to link those assumptions with the specific historical conditions of oppression experienced by particular target groups. 

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