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About Canada Immigration

Author Nupur Gogia and Bonnie Slade
About Canada Immigration

Year 2011
ISBN ISSN 978-1-55266-407-0
Publisher Fernwood Publishing
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Toronto
Publication Type Book
Location CRRF
Pages 144
Donated Resources Fernwood Publishing
Subject Immigration and Settlement, Immigration Research, Multiculturalism, Visible Minorities
CRRF Identifier IS-IR-BR-3788
Last modified 2015-07-14
English Abstract

Nupur Gogia and Bonnie Slade author About Canada Immigration, a book which presents their research on the reality of the Canadian immigration program. Many Canadians have negative views of Canadian immigration and believe immigrants have it easy, steal jobs from hard-working Canadians, and are poor or uneducated. The authors’ research demonstrates that such views could not be farther from the truth. This book presents thorough research which can give the reader a greater understanding of the reality of Canadian immigration and the hardships new immigrants must endure. The book contains several chapters. These chapters can be summarized as follows; one which contains a critical analysis of Canadian immigration, another on the history and development of Canadian immigration, an analysis of the current system of immigration, immigrants’ relationship with the labour market, the settlement process for new Canadians, the position of temporary workers in Canada, the plight of the unseen labour force (i.e. illegal immigrants), before finally rounding off with a discussion about whether Canada represents a land of opportunity for immigrants, or if it rather represents instead a fruitless “depot of dumped labour”.