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Shaku of wondrous grace: Through the Garden of Yoshimaru Abe

Author Art Miki, Henry Kojima, Sylia Jansen.
Shaku of wondrous grace: Through the Garden of Yoshimaru Abe

Year 2007.
ISBN ISSN 978-0-9694756-4-4.
Editor Cheryl Miki.
Publisher National Association of Japanese Canadians.
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Manitoba, Canada.
Publication Type Book.
Location CRRF.
Pages 96.
Subject Japanese Canadian; Evacuation and Relocation; Personal Narrative
CRRF Identifier JC-PN-BR-3391
Last modified 2015-07-14
English Abstract

This is a creative narrative of a traveler following the path of Yoshimaru Abe who made a decision to leave the land of his birth and live in Canada. This journey is symbolic and it includes pieces of traditional and modern elements, just like a Japanese garden. Understanding, peace, quiet and contemplation all have a place in the garden of life. Yoshimaru Abe is the garden designer who won an award for the garden in the Japanese pavilion at Winnipeg’s Folklorama. Abe knows all too well the difficulties faced by new immigrants, the injustices of the internment and the long journey to redress. Balance, harmony and wisdom are cornerstones of this story that includes an account of living through the outbreak of the War.

Abe-San's inspiration is tolive creatively, simply and with profound meaning. And his invitation is to learn the garden in allthat the garden truly represents.