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The State of Northern Knowledge in Canada

Author Canadian Polar Commission
The State of Northern Knowledge in Canada

Year 2014
Editor Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development
Publisher Government of Canada
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Ottawa, Ontario
Publication Type Report
Location Online
Pages 42
CRRF Identifier AP-SA-BR-OR-4588
Last modified 2016-05-19
English Abstract

The purpose of this report is to inform Canadians, especially those living in Canada’s North, of the state of northern research so they can better influence its direction. It will also assist decision-makers in identifying and acting on those key knowledge gaps most critical to Northerners and the Canadian North. This report also provides an opportunity to reflect on the praiseworthy work carried out by our nation’s community of northern researchers. Their collective efforts, the calibre of their work, and their accomplishments are a source of national pride.

Consistent with Canada’s Northern Strategy, this report focuses on the need for science and technology to support sound decision-making. As such, “knowledge to action” research is emphasized, consisting of new knowledge that translates readily into improved policies, programs, interventions and services with a near- to mid-term time horizon. Since Northerners have the greatest vested interest in northern research, the focus of this report is also on knowledge gains and opportunities that align with the priorities of Northerners. This knowledge creation value is illustrated in the research project “vignettes” that are highlighted in this report. These vignettes showcase examples of northern collaboration, involvement and leadership, attributes of northern knowledge creation that the Canadian Polar Commission strongly endorses