Vision, Mission, & Values



Creating a Canada in which individual, institutional and systemic racism are eliminated.



The Canadian Race Relations Foundation is committed to building a national framework for the fight against racism in Canadian society. We will do this through knowledge-sharing and community support in the pursuit of equity, fairness, social justice and systemic change.



Acknowledging Canada’s racist past and recognizing the pervasiveness of racism today, we aim to be a leading voice in eliminating racism. The Canadian Race Relations Foundation’s work is guided by a commitment to:

  • Collaboration, recognizing that the fight against racism requires working together.
  • Fairness and Justice, with an awareness that anti-racism work requires the courage to uncover and address injustices.
  • Humility, staying grounded, listening and amplifying community voices, and knowing our limitations.
  • Human Rights, recognizing the ways in which human rights protections are an important tool for anti-racism.
  • Respect, as a key principle for how we engage with individuals, groups, organizations and institutions.
  • Transparency, ensuring that we stay accountable to the communities we engage with.
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