Announcing the 2019 Canada Lecture


The 2019 Canada Lecture took place on  March 21, 2019, in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Pier 21, as part of the 21st Metropolis Canada Conference, hosted by the Association of Canadian Studies. The 2019 Canada Lecture featured the inspiring entrepreneur and peacekeeping advocate Tareq Hadhad, founder of Peace by Chocolate.


Tareq Hadhad

Tareq Hadhad

Tareq Hadhad is telling his story. He was a Syrian refugee, longtime peacekeeping advocate and now living his new life with his entrepreneurial family in Canada’s east coast. Tareq is the founder of Peace by Chocolate, a medical researcher and is passionate about peace and entrepreneurship.

Peace by Chocolate started with a humble beginning, turning out chocolates from the family’s new kitchen. Today they are making about 250,000 pieces of chocolate a month with plans to triple the production in their new factory after their story has turned to an international inspirational phenomenon.

In September 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opened his speech to the United Nations Leaders’ Summit on Refugees detailing the family’s success story. This is just one side of the story. Tareq says, “This is the message . . . if you offer the newcomers a welcoming arm, kindness and support, they can succeed faster.”

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