Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller is the Executive Director of FAST – Fighting Antisemitism Together®. Her role with FAST began as program coordinator for Ontario region in 2008. The following year Nicole’s mission was to roll out the first educational program for FAST nation-wide and she hired staff in 4 regions. By 2013 she successfully managed and coordinated the distribution of Choose Your Voice to reach over 2 million students in approximately 19,000 schools in every province and territory. Nicole applied for and won for FAST, the Award of Excellence 2010 from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. In the past year, she has worked with OISE- UT curriculum experts to develop and edit the content for the new program for high schools Voices into Action and then managed the project with designers and programmers recently launched online.

Fighting racism and discrimination has always been important to her because she grew up in South Africa. When she was 12 her parents fled the apartheid regime, teaching their children that all people are equal regardless of race, colour and religion.

Nicole has over 20 years experience in marketing and advertising, having been Principal of a boutique design firm in Toronto from 1996 to 2001. She has been involved in education for over 18 years taking an active role in the schools of her three children. She volunteered her marketing and design expertise to provide these schools with professional fund-raising materials.

After completing high school in Toronto, Nicole went to Montreal to attend McGill University on a scholarship. She has always been very interested in culture and languages. Nicole received a BA in languages and has studied many languages in her life, spent a semester in Italy on an Italian Government Scholarship, and worked in London, U.K. At age 21, she moved to New York where she graduated Cum Lauda from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Communication Design. She subsequently began a career in advertising, working as an Art Director in mid-sized agencies and in-house design departments. In midtown Manhattan she had paid office space for her freelance business for four years. After living in New York for 12 years, she moved back to Toronto with her family in 1996 to take partnership in Widrich Miller Communication Design. She feels strongly about giving her children a Canadian education and raising them as Canadians who will also fight intolerance.