Ann Divine

As founder and CEO of Ashanti Leadership and Development Services, Ann Divine provides extensive career and professional guidance in leadership development, coaching and mentoring, research, strategic planning, human rights education, diversity and inclusion, and project management. She has designed and developed training programs using her own unique style combined with adult education principles to achieve results.

Ann has lived on three continents and has worked in London, UK and Canada, at senior management levels in diverse organizations and communities, which has allowed her to gain a solid understanding of corporate and strategic management.

Ann spends a considerable amount of her time working with individuals, businesses and corporations, providing services in organizational behaviour and leadership. Supporting them build capacity in critical thinking, employee engagement and building trust.

Her career includes education, social work, human resource management, human rights and leadership development with a specific reference to women of colour. As an extension of this work, Ann founded the Black and Immigrant Women in Business Network in 2013. The purpose is to celebrate black and immigrant women with small home businesses, career advancement and empowerment of women to define their own destiny. As a result, Ann was honoured with the title as One of Canada’s Top Black women to Watch in 2016 b y the Canadian International Black Women Event in June 2016.

Ann has an extensive media profile with television and radio, public speaking engagements. She was recently Ann featured in the My Halifax Experience publication for her expertise also includes training in cultural intelligence and unconscious bias training - a first for Nova Scotia.

As an accomplished professional, Ann has recognized for her "Exceptional Contribution to Correctional Services" and work in human rights education and training in 2011 by the Hon. Ross Landry, former justice minister and Attorney General of Nova Scotia. In November 2014, the Hon. Diana Whelan, deputy premier and Attorney General of Nova Scotia, praised Ann for her “Demonstrated extraordinary leadership and determination in her efforts to empower Black and immigrant women" in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. In April 2016, Ann received an Award for her work in the community.

Ann’s clients appreciate her innovative and creative style. Skilled in the area of organizational change and social justice matters, she firmly believes in a collaborative approach and seeks to partner with other associates in her field to develop the capacity of her business.