Media and minorities : representing diversity in a multicultural Canada

Author Augie Fleras, Jean Lock Kunz
Media and minorities : representing diversity in a multicultural Canada

Year 2001
ISBN ISSN 155077123X
Publisher Thompson Educational
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Place of Publication Toronto
Publication Type Book
Location CRRF
Pages 198
Subject Media; Minority Representation; Multiculturalism--Canada
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English Abstract

An examination of the representation of 'minorities' in Canadian media, this text critically examines the ways in which constructions of race and ethnicity are adopted by mainstream media and mapped on to the minds of the viewers, listeners, readers and consumers of media products. Included in this book is ''Multiculturalizing' the Media,' a chapter discussing proposals for establishing inclusive media and 'Miscasting Minorities: Patters and Causes,' a chapter that examines the ways in which 'minorities' are excluded, stereotyped, problematized, ornamentalized and whitewashed in the media. Special attention is given to visual media, focusing on representation (or lack of) on television, film and in advertising.

Minority women confront a similar set of problems with advertising. However, visible minority women have also been subjected to additional media mistreatment because of race. If women in general confronted the spectre of sexualization through stereotyping, women of colour were racialized through stereotypes that simultaneously denied their difference (if different, then inferior) or criticized their sameness (if the same, then loss of authenticity). (p. 116)