Intercultural Dialogue Institute


  • Address
    9575 Keele Street Vaughn ON L6A 1M1
    vaughn, ON, L6A 1M1
  • Telephone: 6476741451
  • General Email:
  • Executive Director : Halil Yurtsever
  • Charitable Organization: No


Organization Details

  • Organization Type: Diversity/Diversité
  • Focus of Activities
    Dialogue and Friendship Programs
    Talk Series and Seminars
    Community Outreach Programs
    Noah’s Pudding Campaigns
    Meet Your Neighbour Programs
    Intercultural Study Trips
    Cultural and Art Programs
    Whirling Dervishes Performance
    Conferences and Panels, Symposium
    Relief Efforts and Community Service Projects

    Courses and intercultural learning programs
  • Organization Mandate
    Intercultural Dialogue Institute is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance social cohesion via(through) personal interaction by promoting respect and mutual understanding among people
  • Organization Capacity
  • Geographic Mandate