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Carl E. James

Carl E. James teaches in the Faculty of Education, Department of Sociology, and the School of School Work at York University. He teaches and does research in the area of anti-racism, exploring issues of social class, youth, sports, and urban education. James is the author and editor of several books, including Making It: Black Youth, Racism and Career Aspirations in a Big City.

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A Literature Review and Search for Strategies

Une revue de littérature et une recherche de stratégies

N° catalog: RPT. J2318.1993
Year: 1993
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Canadian Diversity / Diversité Canadienne

Racial Discrimination, Racism and Human Rights

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Canadian Diversity / Diversité Canadienne

Equity, Inclusion and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy / Équité, inclusion, et pédagogie culturellement adaptée

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Directions Volume 8

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Directions: Research and Policy on Eliminating Racism / Recherche et politiques sur l'elimination du racisme

Vol.3 No.2: Towards Anti Racism Policies - Making the Case for Social Justice / En quete de politiques antiracistes - Bien-fonde en matiere de justice sociale

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Year: 2006
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