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A Handbook for Enhancing the Multicultural climate of the School

AuteurJohn Kehoe
TitreA Handbook for Enhancing the Multicultural climate of the School
ISBN ISSN0-88865-025-6
Maisons d'éditionAlternatives to Racism
Place of PublicationBC
Publication TypeBook
Donated ResourcesJean Augustine
SujetEducation; Teacher Training; Multiculturalism
CRRF IdentifierEd-TT-BR-2870
Last modified14/07/15
English Abstract

This handbook, written by the Faculty of Education in the University of British Columbia, facilitates awareness of the teachers’ role in multicultural education by addressing several different issues. Relevant topics include; the constructive role of a school in the attitude regarding multiculturalism within that environment; propositions and tools which facilitate the assessment of multicultural needs within a school; a means for recognition within the school’s enduring curriculum which conflicts with the minority culture; and, through the critical examination of new or established curricula, presents a theoretical structure which can be used for the development of curricula which will diminish prejudice and bias in children.

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