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Human Rights Education: Using the Newspaper, Ontario Edition

Auteur Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre.
Titre Human Rights Education: Using the Newspaper, Ontario Edition
Année 199920012003
ISBN ISSN 1-896225-24-1.
Maisons d'édition Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication Calgary.
Publication Type Report
Location CRRF
Pages 107.
Sujet Racism and Anti-racism, Human Rights Education, Media Portrayal, Youth, Teacher Training
CRRF Identifier RA-CR-PE-BR-2731/IAR-01-274
Last modified 14/07/15
English Abstract

This manual was designed to provide a resource tool for teachers and community educators undertaking human rights education. Information and activities are offered to examine human rights issues as they are portrayed in newspapers and addressed in international and Canadian conventions, policies and legislation, including the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Canadian Charter on Human Rights.