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Embracing Identities in Early Childhood Education : Diversities and Possibilities

Auteur Susan Grieshaber, Gaile S. Cannella (eds.)
Titre Embracing Identities in Early Childhood Education : Diversities and Possibilities
Année 2001
ISBN ISSN 0807740780.
Series Early Childhood Education Series.
Maisons d'édition Teacher's College Press
Publisher URL URL
Place of Publication New York.
Publication Type Book
Location CRRF
Pages 200.
Sujet Education; Early Childhood; Multiculturalism; Diversity
CRRF Identifier Ed-EC-BR-2205
Last modified 14/07/15
English Abstract

Inspired by the work of early childhood educators and teacher educators, this book considers the creative ways in which practitioners and theorists are re-imagining the role of racial, sexual, ethnic identities play out in the classroom. Equity and fairness in observing children, gender identities in early years and non-traditional families are a few of this issues addressed by the contributors in the context of early childhood education. This book is a good resource for anyone interested in caring for and educating children.

Present-day postcolonial analysis requires that we first recognize the ways in which groups of people, including those who are younger, are colonized through hidden messages about themselves. One dominant form of colonization is found in the scientific construction of childhood as a predetermined universal truth, perspectives from which one group creates beliefs about and values for the other. (p. 160)